Artist Statement

My process as an artist involves deconstructing reality to explore my own curiosities. I have a strong infatuation for oddities and find this subject matter coming across in many of my works. My work recently has focused on experimenting with a variety of conventional and unconventional materials, focuses on textures, suggestions of narratives with usage of symbolism such as dolls as a means of childhood innocence, and suggestion of narratives through costume. I want to encourage my audience to step back from the ordinary and participate in this exploration with me.

Through my studies, I have found that I identify with a graphic quality. This quality is derived from my interest in comic books, graphic novels, video games, anime, and cartoons. I am attracted to the thick outlines, strong contrast and clean line work that graphic works have, so I attempt to imitate that by flattening three-dimensional figures in that sense. My works tend to be more stylized in regards to how I translate and process observational information.

I have explored a variety of different media to achieve that graphic quality in the characters I portray. I tend to use sharpies to create thick, clean outlines in my drawings. I also enjoy using crosshatching to achieve value and form as well as embroidery for fibers as a means of mark making. I have also experimented with digital works in regards to appropriation and digital painting. Using this style, I develop characters to represent different facets of my personality. I have used media such as fibers and photography to present personas, similar to performance art. Performance art enables me to use my passion for cosplaying specific fan characters and instead represent my own characters through narratives.

My plans for the future include pursuing a masters of fine arts degree in studio art or theater design for costuming. I want to continue exploring performance art as a means of character expression while using personas as a means of interacting with an audience.